Theme Of Women'S Day 2021 In Hindi

theme of women's day 2021 in hindi

The wheels came off the bus pretty quicklyafter that hearing.And one of thereasons that he was working so hard at that was our next speaker, Taren.This is not the way most people think about giving to charity.

The Internet Blacklist Bill.Spaces fillwith a kind ofsoothing electric vibration.Which I think is a comforting thing to look back on, but I think alsopotentially relevant for how we think about our reaction here.Taren helped inspire that in him, and she also taught him that by example.And then I told a personal story about how I had done someillegal hacking as a student and been caught at it and what happened.Toronto, and I had to spend 6k I had previously owing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money?

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Aaron wasabout 15 or 16; it was about the same time Doc got to know him.And here, most of us are probably double his age.To a bunch ofexecutives.Asian and BIPOC sex workers in Toronto, for the chance to win floral arrangements and other goodies.Government,my father always assured me, was another component of a city, and a way oflife, of what we all are.And yes, a kind of government.

theme of women's day 2021 in hindi

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The electrical workers, the carpenters,the street cleaners, the police.And here, in the AD, I will carry that little inspiration like ajewel gripped in my hand: beautiful, valuable, abrasive, and impossible toforget.He was trying to hack the whole world,in the best way.PhD program but I think everyone looks the other way.He rejected allthat.

theme of women's day 2021 in hindi

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It onlykind of worked.WIKLER: Aaron moved in and out of different institutions.And I would argue with him about it; a lot of those who loved himdid.MA funding I was guaranteed a teaching assistant contract but these are capped.Let us neverforget who he was, and let us not let him down, again.Aaronthought about his.Aaron and I were often generational bookends at conferences that we went to.

theme of women's day 2021 in hindi

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They tend not to want to screw with it.He really, reallybelieved that he was not smarter than anybody else.Aaron to be at something like this.Do you understand what makes the world a badplace to begin with?Internet in terms of traditional things that the law understands.ONTARIO is big enough that it seems like an ocean, though with decidedly less seals.

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But then there arethose who struggle all their lives, and these are the indispensable ones.Aaron was inboth.As it turned out, he did both.This job was my fun money while I went to university for my BA in political science.Cambridge; I was at Frisbee practice inDC.

theme of women's day 2021 in hindi

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He started in thiswork very young.Despite his public profile, he was anintensely private person in many ways.And there was silence.There were other issues with the program as well but it culminated in me crying on the phone to my family weekly, which disturbed my parents because they had never seen me that way before.And we can laugh about that, in hindsight, buthad, of course, been terrified throughout that investigation.June with her friends but I have to politely decline.

He faced Carmen Ortiz, a US Attorney, who did nothing to reign Heymann in.And that person was our next speaker, David Segal, the executive director ofDemand Progress.But like a refugee.The stories have been so glorious and illuminating.Arguably, we need a small army of rationalaltruists just to match what Aaron accomplished in his short lifetime.

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Dearest Aaron: we loved you dearly.And that was when, as hard as it was for me to believe after all this, we hadwon.We are not so much maddenedas reduced to the unutterable ignoranceof dark, coldcaves.McCarthy period; we are now witnessing the war against terror, and the rise ofIslamophobia in our country.Struck dumb by a love of the world.

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Aaron deeply, and someone who Aaron deeply loved.And he was right.Aaron would have loved to have been here.At lunch I walk a 30 min 3 km loop of my neighbourhood.Skype at that point.

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But we need to dothe work that he started.So, thank you, and thanks for being here today.He wanted to make sure that each small stepalong the way was being done right.You heard it, just a few moments ago, how many young students who are, youknow, precocious with technology do things.There are no words for this sadness.His idea of the number one way to do that was funding his projects, and Ithink he was right.

Drove by address in attempt to locateSwartz or vehicles related to the residence, but was unsuccessful.If yes, please, my parents come from poverty.SOPA and the rest of the issues that he fought.There are some people who are herevirtually; this is streaming online at Democracy Now!But I still need you to help me change the world.

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Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us to the enddare to do our duty as we understand it.And a couple years later, I was with him at hisapartment in Cambridge a day or two after the Feds had done precisely that.The right way to frame this issue is wehave to conduct a campaign against the merchants of hate.MA would not have been enough to live off of.WIKLER: Aaron was a fighter.Perhaps we can be all a little more different, too.

AndAaron Swartz was one of the indispensable ones.Providence; he was basedoutside of Boston at the time.Aaron was alive and after he died.And he thought Aaron wasamazing.The first time we did this, it tookfrom 10 in the morning until 10 at night.Anything you want, man.

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EveningAfter work, I go on a 23 km bike ride down to the waterfront to try to pedal out my sadness at not getting a new bike.He lives with us, always.KARNOFSKY: I met Aaron through his interest in the work of Peter Singer.He was so scared, and so frustrated, and so desperate and, more than anythingelse, just so weary.BROWN: Thank you Ben; thank you all for having me here.Itnever did, and it never will.

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Itcommunicated so much more than almost anything else, and everything elsethat Aaron communicated spoke volumes.Liz Lemon wedding: long on privacy and love,and short on sentimentality and speeches.During our annual retreat this summer, Aaron had joined 500 of hiscolleagues, and we had a number of speakers discussing one of the moreegregious cancers of our country, which is the US Justice System.Beresponsible, be deferential, go through the proper channels.Aaron, and you can not imagine a polar opposite ofbeauty in human beings.Marshman Avenue, Highland Park.Details: Attempted to locate Aaron Swartz.

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My parents set up my bank accounts, including my RRSP and encouraged me to save but they also were limited in their knowledge of finances.Aaron was a systems thinker, and he saw that this large accumulation ofeconomic wealth in the form of private corporations was subvertingeverything in its path.And wesparked the little stuff underneath, and we covered it with newspaper, andthen we gave up.Economically, hebelieved that the creation of academic and intellectual property was a socialprocess often paid by governments and by the public and, as had been thecase with libraries in previous centuries, he demanded that they stay part ofthe public good.My cell phone bill is charged to my credit card.

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But it must be astruggle.Age 25 which I think is uncommon in North America, but not weird for my ethnicity.My father was an architect who encouraged me to see my entire existence as akind of city.After this, lights come back on,please take a moment to introduce yourselves to the people around you.When great trees fall,rocks on distant hills shudder,lions hunker downin tall grasses,and even elephantslumber after safety.He told me that the bad thing might be on the news the next day, andasked whether I wanted to hear it from him first.And I said, first, that Aaronwas a treasure.

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Ada; he was so patient.But I know those neighborhoods; I know the passage of thatriver and the pathway of that canal.You know, it isjust.He wasanother human being, with all the flaws and glories that each of us have, eachof us an infinite well of solitude.He was just that kind of guy.Only he couldread it.

Aaronactually says it better than I could.Not in front ofSteve Heymann.It was a testament to how invaluable I had made myself that they were able to successfully make the business case to keep me, which made me feel really good, but ultimately I took the leap to join a new team in a different, but closely related, ministry.He understood that learning was more important than accreditation, and thatintelligence is a poor and pale substitute for caring.He was working in this officethat had a hole in the wall.As many peoplehave written and reflected, Aaron never actually did anything for the purposeof making money.And that would lead to all kinds of discussions about election systemsarcania, which is the kind of topic that Aaron and I connected around frompretty early on.

There are many peoplewho wish they could be here with us.He inspires us forever.My first job that paid real money was a museum gift shop that my mom got you worry about money growing up?He has promptly characterized what was the issue athand in a way that everybody in America could understand, and that we couldunderstand.Peter promotes my organization, Give Well, because Give Wellworks to find the charities that are doing the most good, for example, in termsof lives saved per dollar given.

He was worriedthat I would be subpoenaed, or that his other friends would be subpoenaed,and so he kept it all to himself.My candle burns at both endsIt will not last the nightBut ah, my foes, and oh, my friendsIt gives a lovely light.My friend in Chicago has gotten vaccinated before his grandfather in assisted living in ternoonAfter salad for lunch, I have a training session which is actually really helpful to me.So, we have a choice.Grand Army Plaza subway stop.

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If yes, how did you pay for it?Aaron was a target of the FBI.Aaron personally a bit over the course of the fight.But it was a hugeconference.And he, in part, of course, succumbed to that struggle.

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Toronto to do my PhD, then the pendulum swung hard the other way and I was constantly stressed about money.Find out just what people willsubmit to, and you have found out the exact amount ofinjustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, andthey will continue until they are resistant either with wordsor blows, or with both.Section Four: BackgroundWas there an expectation for you to attend higher education?Yougoing to university?Sadly the weight gain is not pure muscle.What do you really believe in?He kept all of the stress and the anger and thefear to himself.

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And not thecompanies who had all but given up trying to stop it, and decided it wasinevitable.This kind of freedom has much to recommend it, but, ofcourse, there are all different kinds of freedom.And Aaron was the guy you wanted to hand thisoff to.He invited Aaron to give the speech thathas been replayed all across the Internet in the last week, where Aaron tells thestory of how he helped millions of people to stop SOPA, the Internetcensorship bill.Youbelieved in the constant struggle to right the wrongs of the world thatprevious generations had failed to correct, and for that, I looked at Aaron and Isaid I know that I have not done my duty in my generation.But also to talk about Aaron as a person, andthe glimpses of his heart and his soul that I saw, and that I think many othershere who knew Aaron much more closely than I did over the years will speakto more later.

We shared an understanding that a life is a thing made in the living of it, andhe inspired me.In the line outside, as I walk inside.Vancouver and I listen to her complain about her apartment hunting, which sounds somehow even worse than the situation in Toronto.He was that much of a caringperson.Seek out people who push you, not just peoplewho support you.

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The houses, their windows lamplit.You willneed more power over others to keep that fear at bay.Aaron could be a realpain in the ass to deal with.Thats where Aaron said his last words to mein person.Great souls die andour reality, bound tothem, takes leave of us.There was a vote coming up this week, in just a couple days,and we had to stop it.

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That might be the Sunday scaries talking.And Aaron thought he was amazing.Instead, they have amassed great wealth.Aaron complained the whole way through.Why are you there?That is real freedom.It had no right.

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Kitama Jackson to come and bring the words of Pete Seeger, who sent a note.Internet the way thathe was talking about, but no one was talking about it.He was irreducible; he was difficult.Offline, I felt incontrol of my own destiny.People kept stopping me in the hallswith compliments and questions.

Youknow, we have to stop SOPA.And I want to just read one thing that was also on his blog that struck memany years ago, that I kept, and.And after you take the step back today, if you can ask that samequestion tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.They didit for themselves.He lived in a tiny apartment; all hisbelongings fit in a duffel bag and a backpack.

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Theone who stole my camera to take long exposures of Ada and I when we weresleeping; the one who complained all the way through all the camping trips.Aaron would have loved to have been here, and have the opportunity to speakto all of you.Aaron was fascinated by these topicsbecause he thought that figuring out more about them could improve theworld on a lot of different fronts at once.Sure, it will have yet another name, and maybe a differentexcuse, and probably do its damage in a different way.So his ability to connect these different worlds that Doc spoke of beganthat early on.Aaron, they neverwere.

Aaron was driven by thatsame approach, not just for how to spend his money but for how to spend histime and his considerable talents.He looked across all of thethings he could be working on, and he strategically chose his best shot atmaking a positive difference.Marriage or Mortgage with my roommate.But if he ever did, I never heard of it, and he rejected it at a veryyoung age.EveningAfter we put the puppy down for his nap, we head to the wine store and the beer store.Everyone took it astheir job to save this crucial freedom.

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Not thepoliticians, who were pretty much unanimously in favor of it.Well, that was the thing that Aaron always said hewanted to be.Friday off so it was a busy morning catching up on all the accumulated work.The power of the Internet rose up inforce against this bill.Chicago considers this lead covered.And by thetime it blew through the paper, it was strong enough to stay lit in the rain.Power concedes nothing without a demand.

And a second and more direct legacy must be to change the Computer Fraudand Abuse Act.PhD student, however, I had never before experienced this level of deprivation.Politics is in user space; justice is in user space.As Roy touched on, Aaron was brilliant, but what made him evenmore special was how he resisted the impulse to presume that he alone wasresponsible for his brilliance or should benefit therefrom.Still, I lost a person that day, and a person thatI cared for very deeply.When he showed up at this thing, it was interesting because.

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The last time we met was just before Christmas 2012, and Aaron showed uptalking about how he was starting to wonder whether the Victorians had beenright all along.And his donation to Give Well is strong evidence of that.And I met with the staff ofmembers of Congress and pleaded with them to withdraw their support for thebill.When we first gave him his team here inNew York, we got people from all over the world to work, you know, for him.We can beBe, and be betterfor they existed.Aaron was a deeplyinternationalist soul.BF and he suggests French classes since being bilingual is necessary for most federal government jobs.

Yes, my parents are my financial safety net.Bolivia, Che Guevara was assassinated on theorders of the CIA.And it willhappen again.Aaron knew, and decided consciously, the system withwhich he was taking on.Love the web for that kind of thing; somebodydigs this stuff up.There are men that struggle for a day, and they aregood.

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House is seton a deep lot behind other houses on Marshman Avenue.But make no mistake,the enemies of the freedom to connect have not disappeared.JACKSON: My grandfather, Pete Seeger, was very.Worship power, and you will feel weak and afraid.That is a futurethat we will not accept in our world.And I think that what he did fortechnology and the Internet he was just beginning to do for politics.We were both intrigued.

Tears were made for this.SOPA, but he just told that story farbetter than I ever could.The content of my MA in political science is not related to my work in anyway, but I am good at my job because of the skills I learned from completing my MA.But we canagree today that it was a tragedy for this brilliantyoung man to be so threatened that he hangedhimself.They threw themselves into it; they didwhatever they could think of to do.We need to protect general purpose computing.

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My old team wanted to keep me, but it was challenging due to the hiring freeze so their offer was for a lower salary and a shorter contract than the job I ultimately took.How do you come up with this idea, to figure this way, in thiscorrect way.There is a scarcity of that.Aarondied in that war.It started from literally nothing.Instead I pull out my Nintendo Switch and play Animal Crossing.He neverlet his youth define who he was or constrain what he did.

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Feds crashing down the door and justtaking everything away.No one could tell him what to do.When great trees fallin forests,small things recoil into silence,their senseseroded beyond fear.We promise today with our deepest hearts to carry onyour legacy to the best of our abilities.Internet culture and the traditional culture,however that was defined.Butnevertheless, leaders matter greatly everywhere in the world.Maybe too much late night TikTok scrolling?

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He faced indifference from MIT, an institution that could have protected himwith a single public statement and refused to do so, in defiance of all of itsown most cherished principles.Then I fall into a dark hole of TikTok scrolling.It was the only permission toparticipate in the world.Executive Director ofGive Well is our next speaker, Holden Karnofsky.For dinner I make vegetarian tacos with potato and mushroom, drenched in an avocado yogurt lime sauce.Welook for something that can contain that soul.Of the two of us, he should definitelybe the one on this stage.

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KAUFFMAN: Aaron would have loved to have been here.That is a future unacceptable.Thank you very much.The really important kind of freedom involvestension and awareness and discipline and effort, and beingtruly able to care about other people, to sacrifice for themover and over in myriad, petty little unsexy ways every day.Oddly, I never met Aaron.TheRise of the Stupid Network.And when our government fails to intimidate,they silence their opponents.

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Aaron, you were a gentle giant.When great souls die,the air around us becomeslight, rare, sterile.He spent a year in highschool, a year in college; he worked on a huge number of different projects.He was, as his close friend David Segal said, acommunitarian.SOPA fight toGoogle versus the telephone companies.

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We often met up to do nothing but talk andwander through Brooklyn for several hours.BF, let alone have that convo with him.Aaron had dozens of other things going on his life, but he recognized this wasthe most important one, and he turned it into an organization.That is my faith.Itwas murder by intimidation, bullying, and torment.Aaron would have wanted us to look at the history to understand our nexttasks.

Global South country where I worked unpaid at an NGO, and my university provided a 10k stipend for all related expenses.WIKLER: We have reached the end of this moment.The case defined our life together.But sometimes we only get glimpses,and.Every heart, every heart,To love will come.Massachusetts whostarted organizing trade unions before that was a thing, which resulted in thecreation of public schools to keep them from organizing workers.Brother Aaron, one love.

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He was one of the most important leaders ofhis generation and, in fact, centuries in Africa.Ira Glass, David Foster Wallace, Louis CK, these were some of the people headmired most in the world, consummate storytellers.Really work on it, givethe speech of your life.Or the people it might be hurting?Aaron touched so many of us in theprogressive community that we are unable to sort of figure out, what is thestrategies and tactics of next?The best possiblelegacy for him is for all of us to go out from here today and do everything wecan to make the world a better place.July, so the trip is too soon to do safely.

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Food Not Bombs, a grassroots mutual aid collective in Toronto who provide food and groceries to the hungry and homeless.The whole history of the progress of human liberty showsthat all concessions yet made to her august claims havebeen borne of earnest struggle.And I think she did actually contribute.AfternoonAt lunch I pick up the Easter package my mom mailed me.Never assume that someoneelse has noticed that niggling sense of doubt and already resolved the issuefor themselves.

There are others that struggle for a year, and they are better.And, grinning, always agreed to the next one.Asian and BIPOC sex workers in Toronto.Those words were on the subject of whether GDP statistics arerobust enough to be able to shed light on whether technological progress isslowing down.Hereally, really did.But then, none of it feels like enough.There are somany people in this room and watching online in whose company hedelighted.

Hebelieved in these things for their own sakes, but moreover, as a mean towardsthe even deeper end of building a world defined by social and economicjustice.The people rose up, and they caused a sea change in Washington.BF picks up white wine for dinner.First, we must demand accountability for those who tormented Aaron.And that happened in part because Aaron educatedme on how to do that.

The alternative is unconsciousness, thedefault setting, the rat race, the constant, gnawing sense ofhaving had and lost some infinite thing.Which totally blew my mind, but when Aaron wasseven, he built an ATM.It is these ideals that we should uphold.And Aaron did that.He understood thathis curiosity was all the license he needed.TUFTE: Aaron first encountered me at Stanford in 2005 and promptly posted a veryfunny account about looking for my ghostly presence.Our own present culture has harnessed these forces in waysthat have yielded extraordinary wealth and comfort andpersonal freedom.

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So we had primarily a work relationship, a very professional relationship, andI want to talk a little bit about that and give you a couple of anecdotes fromthat time that left a mark on me.We look for the words that will bringhim back; we look for memories that contain him, like an incantation.WFH is being able to run downstairs to do my laundry in between meetings.Violence against Asians has been all over the news, with the shooting in Atlanta at top of mind.Ring the bells that still can ring,Forget your perfect offering.His death was not easy.MarkZuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs bent the rules for their own good.

Randian objectivism that seems to attract so many of his technologistcolleagues.Every thought comes back to this smile.You could say Aaron approached makingpositive change the way a lot of people approach making money: he wantedas much as possible, he obsessed over it, he strategized over it, and he waswilling to work in any area for it.But memorialservices are for the living, and Aaron forfeited his right to make that decisionlast Friday.For the first half of my 20s, I was firmly enmeshed into academia.

The freedoms ourcountry had been built on would be suddenly deleted.This was the person that he had become.But memorial services are for theliving, and last Friday he forfeited his right to decide that.Muppets, and starts singingthe Muppet song, and then starts pairing away with all the developers.We drink coffee as we watch the news and play with the puppy.

Aaron would be the dismantling ofthis system.As, amazingly, the whole planet now knows, Aaron was indeed a passionateadvocate for access to information and for a free and open Internet.And yet, he usedhis incredible talents and privilege for the advocates of those without.Thanks also to Beth Wikler and Matt Wikler, my babyson, who might be making himself heard during this event.This bill would be a huge, potentially permanent loss.

He lived a life of thought andaction, and that is the rarest thing in this world, right now, at this moment inhistory, to marry our thoughts and our actions.At the time, it felt like we were going around telling people that these billswere awful, and in return, they told us that they thought we were crazy.And he was asking me to put him intouch with some congressional staffers that I knew.The weather looks gloomy and I feel uninspired to go outside.Time seems to be off the table here.Aaron was working at ThoughtWorks.You refused to accept injustice as inevitable.

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And I found the email he sent me right after he heard aboutCOICA, the bill before SOPA and PIPA.Aaron would always try stuff.As of posting date, I have purchased a 3 person tent so I can go camping this summer.And, of course, Aaron did that, and he came to the meeting, youknow, in the evening.Unlimited call and text, 5 GB of data.He only worked on the important.

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And here, I was goingto read the.Have you ever spent time with and listened to thepeople your technology is supposed to be helping?So let me read this and close.He was a mentor.There are millions of Americans who face thekinds of ordeals that he did, most of them with many fewer resources, andmuch less support than he did.After a protracted illness had resolved, I dragged Aaron to Lassen NationalMonument in California and.

EveningAt 4 PM the Budget for the province is announced.And last Friday, he faced the prospect of yet another three months ofuncertainty and ups and downs and being forced by the government to spendevery fiber of his being on this damnable, senseless trial, with no guaranteethat he could exonerate himself at the end of it.However I was able to save a little bit.TFSA for now since I have the contribution room.We now live in a world without Aaron.

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If there is no struggle, thereis no progress.In December there was a hearing that I went to with him.Andwe shifted from the halls of the Rhode Island State House, the halls of theCongress, and trying to make people care about us and care about the cause,and they do now, but back then they absolutely did not.And he was also, though, this consummate team member, who could be part ofthe broader human race in most wondrous ways.First, the Republican senators pulled out, and then theWhite House issued a statement opposing the bill.Democracy Now or in various otherplaces, YouTube, et cetera, he did rise to that challenge.Hewas this little guy.

Aaron was doomed, from the beginning, to just be Aaron.Our senses, restored, neverto be the same, whisper to us.If you believe that technology is making the world a better place, why do youbelieve that?Our memory, suddenly sharpened,examines,gnaws on kind wordsunsaid,promised walksnever taken.Aaron, and intime, I managed to consistently get a few vegetables down him on a regularbasis.

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He really did say that.We talked about which politicalissues we found most important and why, and what we can do about them, andwe ventured into other topics as well.Patrice Lumumba was murdered by the Belgian and UnitedStates governments in the Congo.This was just after the subway event,where the woman had pushed, you know, the young man to his death.He wanted to change the whole world.He is nippy and tries to eat my wool coat as it dangles right at mouth height, too tempting.He was, in my humble opinion, one of the true, extraordinaryrevolutionaries that this country has produced.

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So, over to you, Aaron.Last year, I invited Aaron to speak at Freedom toConnect.And we need justice here.It was in this hall that the NAACP held its first publicmeeting.Your job is to leave the world better than youfound it, and you want to leave it in the hands of people who were really goodat taking care of the stuff that really matters, and standing up for the stuff thatreally matters.Pete Seeger, January 19th, 2013Thank you.

But he found it in himself, he found these ways to push himself, to challengehimself to grow, in a way that was deeply inspiring to all of us, who wereinspired by him in so many other ways.Buthe also fought.The thing that everyone said was impossible, that some of the biggestcompanies in the world had written off as kind of a pipe dream, had happened.Then I have a Zoom call with friends from my MA program, everyone is in different time zones but we make it work.Andat a time like this, you need to be with your family.They see all giving aspraiseworthy and all options as equally valid, and they give to a charity thatthey have a personal connection to, or a personal passion for.

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Anyone working in a call centre or in fundraising, you have my utmost respect.Aaron through my unsuccessful run for Congress in 2010, when thePCCC, one of the many important entities that he founded, endorsed me, andhe became a fixture at our campaign office.Here are the words from mygrandfather.Revolutions are made by people.When we were young he was away at sea for months at a time, which also factored into my mom staying at home.He was so uncomfortablein that moment, because he knew that he had been railroaded into somethingthat was a side issue on the scheme of his master agenda.One person whose life hewas in, and who had a huge part in his life, was Quinn Norton, our nextspeaker.

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This struggle may be a moral one, or it maybe a physical one, or it may be both.For dinner I make baked halloumi on brioche buns, with pesto, roasted red pepper, salad mix and caramelized 4MorningAnother day, another lox bagel and coffee.Aaronfrom 2001, after he won a prize for MIT.Orderly design, disorderly nature.Nespresso and milk frother to make a latte.

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And we need fundamental reform to our criminal justice system.We understand that if we allow the climate of fear to exist, thedamage that will be done is that the next Aaron will not come.Silent tears,ferocious hugs; words remain for happier things, for the world he wanted, forthe world he helped to build.He loved public speaking; he was so proud of thatFreedom to Connect speech.So, thanks to them.Our next speaker, David Eisenberg, was the founder andorganizer of Freedom to Connect.Aaron in another one of those worlds.

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City,a series of parts, the marketplace, the town square, the promenade, the darkalley, the offices, the union hall.And he askedme if I knew Bill Bowen.He wanted to protectme, and he wanted to cordon it off from the rest of his life.At the beer store we always pick up a cardboard flat pack and fill it with an assortment of tall boys.WIKLER: I mostly knew Aaron as a friend and as an activist, but I learned a lot abouttechnology from him, and one thing that I learned about was the agile methodof software development, which is practiced at ThoughtWorks.Not thepress, which refused to cover the story.Muslims into our offices to talk abouthow we deal with the growing violence against Muslims and people thatpeople think are Muslims in our country.

This system that is in America today is anabuse of state power.That was not to be the last time that was going to be the case with Aaron.They are not made by heroes.Anddifferent people here today represent different parts of those worlds.My maternal grandparents died when I was young with nothing.He was notthat.

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My mom never got the chance to go to university since she got pregnant relatively young and then the daycare costs for 4 kids were too expensive compared to the salary she brought in.All academic research, from all time, should be made public and free and openand available to anybody in the world.Aaron would have loved to have been here, because out of the last week andout of today, phoenixes are already rising from his ashes.We started talking more and more about it over the last few months, as itbecame clear that the government was not going to recognize that this wasjust one big mistake.So I wrote Bill Bowen an email about it.Edward Tufte, who is arevered and amazing sort of founder of the field of the visual display ofquantitative information.

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Some of the mostimportant.Thanks to Julia at Democracy Now!Aaron loved, wrote a memorial for Aaron where he said that each of uscontains a universe in our heads, a world of information and heroes andvillains and ideas.We went to 10, 000 signers, then 100, 00signers, and then 200, 000 signers and 300, 000 signers in just a couple weeks.Hard to remember how this could have gone anyother way.My BF sends me photos and videos of the puppy we picked up two days earlier, he is SO CUTE.

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This subtlyexpanded shareholder protections, as he explained to me.He was so there with you.But the legacy he would have wantedto leave is clear.Perfect for downtown Toronto, but I bike enough at this point that I would like to upgrade.He was a leader.Another just fun anecdote that comes from these same set of notes.

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Do you really understand what makes the world a bad place tobegin with?But I was explaining hackers this morning tosomebody at a bar mitzvah, that we just came from here.Office in Massachusetts must beheld accountable for its actions.They tend to not want to deal with the politics.Reilly Open Source conference, wherehe gave keynote speaker Lawrence Lessig a run for hismoney, delivering a Python lightning talk on CreativeCommons metadata from within Python.

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Aaron really could do magic.The difference was that Aaron had 14 or 15 of them.To defy thesecategories.Our nextspeaker is Glenn Otis Brown; he was the first Executive Director of CreativeCommons.Canada has universal healthcare, eh?SEGAL: At Demand Progress, we met Aaron as a genius, of course.Aaron, if you want towalk right in and take over for me at any point, please do so.

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COMDEX was at one time the biggest conference there was.Mostly I managed to feed him cakes and cookies and creme brulee, andhe eventually came to introduce me to another foodie friend of his and heconspired to feed him.He was terrible about making plans at the last minute.Toronto which is a HCOL city.There aresome who struggle for many years, and they are better still.We started dating in June two years ago,just months after his life had been turned upside down by the arrest, but whilethe ordeal was still completely private.Andthen make it again.

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What are you going to say?We had offices next to each other in a former fraternity housein Cambridge, Massachusetts.He was that significant.Americans get vaccinated so much faster than we are.It tookus almost 40 years for it to be impossible for the United States to deny thatthey had a role in his assassination.These modern times are filled withsuch contradictions that experts are not agreed whatthe future of the human race will be.And I want to tell you that the people who were in that room withAaron are sitting here today, weeping at the loss of Aaron.

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Our country hasa tradition of creating a climate of fear whenever they risk change.We spent awhole day in transit, and with him working on his speech and his PowerPoint,just to give a talk to a few dozen programmers about why they should applytheir skills towards politics.Aaron Swartz, which was part of the multitude of Aaron Swartzesthat we all knew one way or another.Aaron wanted to talk about the big fights, the fights to make the world a betterplace.And when great souls die,after a period peace blooms,slowly and alwaysirregularly.Pete Seeger, both his music and his legacy.

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Roy, how can we allow our country to take away this beautiful voice?So if hefound something that was fascinating or interesting, he would just reach outto whoever it was who was doing that thing and start learning from it andtalking about it.And the presencethat is Aaron in the world persists and is in all of our hearts.That would ensure that the material deserved to bedownloaded by Aaron.Democracy Now, and some of the clips, but in hisspeeches, he was encouraging US students to think about their own privilege.Indiafor the last 20 years and which, as you know, is a very difficult subject.So I think Aaron would be honored by the fact that people are trying to getsomething done in the wake of his death.

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But Aaron was interested in small things, as well.And so I just wanted to verymuch recommend that anybody who cares to look for that.Aaron, I think, when he was 14.Animal Crossing but honestly my island looks bad and I want to start over.The limits of tyrants are prescribedby the endurance of those whom they oppress.This was about a broad issue.

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Of what I bring to the world.Or is it likeloaning a videotape to a friend?You can strike up the marchOn your little broken drum.In 2004, 1 organized the conference to give voice to our side of this war calledFreedom to Connect.Down by the riverside, down by the riverside, down by the riverside.Because he had been reading studies implying that willpoweris like a muscle, and improves with practice.Normally Ifeel buffeted by events, a thousand tiny distractionsnagging at the back of my head at all times.

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Our minds, formedand informed by theirradiance,fall away.But to Aaron, this idea was natural and obvious.Which was a common thing for Aaron when talking to people aboutanything.Plus my daily Nespresso latte.ThoughtWorks, an IT consultancy whereAaron was working, and he also is a passionate believer in changing theworld.

Larry Lessig talking to Aaron; that was about when he was thatage.His primary work, in working with ThoughtWorks, was to lead and build thenext generation of tools for organizing and democratizing campaigning.We redirect his chewing to toys.GiveWell, among other things.REALLY like lox and bagels.

In a selfish way.Did you participate in any form of higher education?And then the Democrats,left all alone out there, announced they were putting the bill on hold so theycould have a few further discussions before the official vote.But memorial services are for the living, and last Friday, he forfeited his rightto decide that.PeteSeeger stood for, still stands for.

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Issharing a video on BitTorrent like shoplifting from a movie store?The second spire never disappears from the skyline.We must help Congresswoman Lofgren craft theright language.WIKLER: Our next speaker is Roy Singham.Aaron was not a threat, that Aaron should not spend years behind bars,that Aaron should not be labeled a felon for the rest of his life.

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We remember him for his generosity, for his spirit, for hisverve, for his brilliance, for his warmth, for his wit, for everything he built.Illustrative of our relationship.What right do we have for that knowledge, whichhas come from the ages of the Enlightenment?And of course he, thankfully, did the right thing.This poem a friend sent me has touched me in a way that few other thingshave in the last eight days.

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Our eyes, briefly,see witha hurtful clarity.So he could hear my voice as I was onconference calls.And one of the things I lovedabout him was his combination of sort of reverence and fearlessness.He just thought he askedbetter questions.And the world will not discourage you fromoperating on your default settings, because the world ofmen and money and power hums along quite nicely on thefuel of fear, on contempt and frustration, and craving, andthe worship of self.It was about thefact that we were there, and it was raining; that we were trying to make acamp fire.

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WIKLER: When I met him, Aaron told me he wanted to be, really, a historian.Is thefreedom to connect like freedom of speech, or like the freedom to murder?And it needs to have respectagain.Our souls,dependent upon theirnurture,now shrink, wizened.You know, this is theway we can deal with open access and social justice.There is a crack, a crack in everything.It was being rented out in rooms to progressiveactivists, and we got to know each other because the wall adjoining our roomshad a huge hole in it.

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They all want to know what they can do to help.Aaron had a willingness and an excitement to do whatever seemed like theright thing to do.We won this fight becauseeveryone made themselves the hero of their own story.Aaron believed in trying to maximize thegood he accomplished with each minute he had.My current bike is so trashed, it looks stolen.And that conspiring eventually turned into a richfriendship, and me helping with a cookbook, which we gave Aaron.This seemed like an incredible amount of money to me!

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He then became president of theMellon Foundation, and he had retired from the Mellon Foundation, but hewas asked by the Mellon Foundation to handle the problem of JSTOR andAaron.

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