Reddit Female Dating Strategy Virgin

reddit female dating strategy virgin

If you sleep with them, they will have less respect for kind of men are almost always hypocrites.Please DOWNVOTE and REPORT immediately.Please also join our Twitter and Instagram Pages for updates!Like redpillers, these LVM will slander women for having numerous sexual partners while simultaneously trying to get in your pants on the first date.Please REPORT any comments that do not follow the sub rules.

They will not feel threatened by your sexual past because they are secure in themselves.All comments from men will be removed and you will be banned.Repeated comments demonstrating lack of basic sub knowledge will result in a temporary or permanent ban.They subscribe to this mentality for their own power and control.Click here for registration information.

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Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.Why is this a red flag?DO NOT REPLY TO MALE TROLLS!LVM to make you forget will show interest in your romantic history rather than your sexual history.Do you really want to be your most vulnerable, sexual self with a man like that?

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Even if your number is low, you are still dealing with a man who dehumanizes and disrespects women, and make no mistake, he will dehumanize and disrespect you as view sex as something that is innately degrading to women rather than something that builds mutual love and intimacy.Repeated failures will result in a permanent ban.THIS IS NOT TRUE.This sub is FEMALE ONLY.Please read the FDS Handbook and Wiki before commenting.They will want to know where your past relationships went wrong and how your previous partners treated you.

reddit female dating strategy virgin

If you do not report it, the mods will not see it.

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