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Brain healthIs HARP an effective intervention for individuals with serious mental illnesses?The Effectiveness of Resistance Training InterventionsHow much physical activity should osteoporotic men get?Exercise Intervention in Older Type 2 DiabeticsCould using an app a day keep diabetes away?The reliability of HIIT as a worthwhile accessory to standard cardiac rehabilitationWhich type of exercise modality best enhances quality of life and return to health in patients post myocardial infarction?How can Exercise Help?Decreasing the inner Couch PotatoDecreasing Sedentary Time in Office Workers: Utilizing a Multi Component InterventionThe use of text messages to decrease sedentary behaviour in University studentsAdolescents: improving physical activity and sedentary behaviourIncreasing Physical Activity in the Student Population through the use of PedometersCycling workstations; an approach to increasing energy expenditure in office settingsIncreased social media use cant really improve physical activity, can it?

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Could hippotherapy have beneficial effects on walking ability in children with cerebral palsy?So that was quite the challenge!Can smartphone apps increase physical activity?Nothing on or included as part of any project of Wikimedia Foundation Inc.Improving exercise tolerance in patients with Multiple Sclerosis: Can aerobic training help?

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Does it improve spinal function and flexibility?Effects of diet and exercise intervention for patients with type 2 diabetesCan exercise help children with type 1 diabetes gain control of their overnight glycemic levels?The impact of resistance training on young people with cerebral palsyCan Exercise Really Help Multiple Sclerosis?High intensity interval training for fat lossAerobic or Resistance for type 1 Diabetics, what is best?How can high intensity exercise help dementia in nursing homes?

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The Effects of Resistance Training on Cognitive Decline in Seniors with Mild Cognitive ImpairmentPhysical Activity Effects on Prevention and Treatment of Dementia in Older AdultsExercise is for the heart and the mindPumping Blood: Can Exercise Improve Arterial HealthReducing the risk of CVD with daily physical activity in school childrenIs low intensity exercise the key to a good health related quality of life for cardiovascular disease sufferers?Does aquatic exercise training impact the functional capacity, balance and fatigue in female patients with Multiple Sclerosis?Does aerobic exercise improve quality of life in people with multiple sclerosis?While some firsts achieve something spectacularly new, others are receiving a recognition or right that is long overdue.Increasing the activity of women in our aged care facilities with low bone massGet cracking: The treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis with exerciseExercise and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Effects on Females with FibromyalgiaThe therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy in rheumatoid arthritisThe effects of aquatic and traditional exercise programs on persons with knee osteoarthritisEffectiveness of Exercise in Female Osteoporosis SufferersDo sporting injuries in your youth lead to arthritis in older age?Is walking an effective exercise intervention in the prevention of cardiovascular disease in elderly women?

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Physical it physical enough?Lifestyle intervention in Remote Australian Aboriginal Community for chronic disease preventionAfter School physical activity interventions for school children to prevent obesityStairclimbing, is it enough for fitness and health in young, inactive women?Exercise and Parkinson Disease: Comparing tango, treadmill, and stretchingIs exercise making children smarter?The effects of high and low intensity resistance training on knee osteoarthritisHydrotherapy or Supreme Ultimate Boxing for Osteoarthritis Management: You ChooseDoes the choice between pilates or cycling for chronic lower back pain matter?Induced AsthmaThe effect of exercise on rheumatoid arthritisEffect of resistance training on knee osteoarthritis in the elderlyOsteopenia, delaying progression through exerciseResistance training and osteoporosisExercise and cerebral palsyAerobic exercise benefits on Chronic Fatigue SyndromeAerobic exercise and relapsing Multiple SclerosisBarriers to Exercise in Multiple SclerosisA comparison of Aerobic and Resistance Training on Multiple SclerosisAerobic or Resistance training for Multiple Sclerosis?

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UN Women and ASEANTwo events organized with ASEAN.The effects of progressive resistance training on individuals with Down SyndromeAerobic exercise helps patients with panic disorderThe effects of resistance exercise training on anxietyThe impact of exercise on hyperarousal in veterans diagnosed with PTSDCan a single bout of exercise improve mood and self esteem?How extrapulmonary effects cause negative implications on patients with COPDLand or sea?Day meaningful to you personally?The benefits of exercise on older adults suffering from depressionEffectiveness of exercise Interventions in clients with Multiple SclerosisThe functional impacts of strength training in cerebral palsyDoes Physical Activity act as a protective barrier against Depression in adolescents?

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Could adjusting TV viewing habits reduce obesity in children?Can Table Tennis improve motor skills and executive functions in children with ADHD?Cross sectional and longitudinal studies on the effect of water exercise in controlling bone loss in Japanese postmenopausal womenStabilisation Exercise for those with Chronic Low Back PainIs strength the key?Effect of physical activity and weight gain in obese pregnant womenEffects of exercise on patients with LupusThe effects of vitamin D deficiency in athletesDoes increase in intensity and frequency of physical activity reduce fear of falls in older adults?Respiratory healthCorrelation amongst physical activity and lung health in patients with cystic fibrosisThe effect of exercise on upper respiratory tract infections on subjects that are sedentaryEffects of physical training on land and in water on cardiorespiratory adaptation in COPD patientsMetabolic healthThe effect of different modes of training on glycaemic control?

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The effects of strength and endurance training in patients with rheumatoid arthritisDo Stretching Exercises Help Reduce Lower Back Pain?Individual governments and the multilateral institutions that claim to protect and advance human rights have to make that change if peace, justice, and equality are to be achieved for women and girls.Online Launch of the ASEAN Gender Outlook: Achieving the SDGs for all and leaving no woman and girl behind.Disease: The Role of Physical Activity at MidlifeMultiple Sclerosis and the Subsequent Effects of Resistance TrainingDoes exercise improve mental health outcomes in younger people?Immediately reverse harmful economic policies that undermine public infrastructure, harm the environment, and drive the growing gap between the rich and the poor.Resistance Training in Children with Cystic FibrosisIs pulmonary rehabilitation beneficial for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients?

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Which is more beneficial, physical exercise or chest physiotherapy for those with Cystic Fibrosis?DiseaseEffects of Yoga on Cardiovascular HealthAnorexia Nervosa and Exercise Abuseresistance training VS aerobic training in diabeticsthe effects of physical activity on children with asthmaThe impact of exercise on the menstrual cycleExercise induced asthmaMedication vs.So I wanted to use that idea and replicate that feeling.Yoga or exercise for chronic lower back pain?Effects of cycle training on metabolic syndromeDoes exercise consultation improve exercise outcomes in type 2 diabetics?

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Does the context of physical activity have an effect on mental health in early adulthood?The effect of disability on physical activityPhysical activity intervention for people living with HIV and AIDS of low socioeconomic statusDo walking strategies to increase activity reduce reported sitting in workplaces?Does playing active video games increase energy expenditure in children?Does aquatic exercise effect fatigue and quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis?Day 2021, which focused on highlighting the ways in which women leaders were able to bring to bear their different experiences, perspectives and skills to the table, and make irreplaceable contributions to decisions, policies and laws, to ensure that they work better for all.

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The dense connectionClinical effects of active video game exercising on children with asthmaWalking: A step in the right direction for COPD patientsThe Benefits of Habitual Physical Activity for Children and Adolescents with Cystic FibrosisImpact of regular physical activity on hospital admissions and mortality in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseExercise, Physiotherapy and Cystic FibrosisControlling Young Adult Asthma Through Childhood ExerciseAerobic Capacities vs.What is the risk of sudden cardiac death in American college athletes?Directed Exercise in Adults with Partly Controlled AsthmaExercise as a Treatment for Obstructive Sleep ApneaDoes Moderate Intensity Exercise Improve Fitness and Quality of Life in Adults with Asthma?Finding the motivation to exerciseIncreasing physical activity and reducing sedentary time in children with developmental disabilitiesDoes being happy lead to a more active lifestyle?Can physical activity prevent asthma as we age?

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CancerThe Benefits of Resistance Training in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Adjuvant RadiotherapyEffects of exercise on physical health and quality of life in Cancer PatientsResistance exercises in the reduction of arm deficits following breast cancer surgeryCan exercise reduce insulin to reduce breast cancer recurrence?See how Google is celebrating the women who have achieved historical firsts, as well as the many who have come after them.The role of cardiovascular fitness in patients with narcolepsyResponses towards exhaustive acute physical exercise in participants with temporal lobe epilepsyExercise and major depression in older patientsPhysical activity effect on mental health in people with chronic lower back painPhysical exercise as an additional therapy for sleep apneaBenefits of exercise on Parkinson diseaseDoes exercise make you happy?Effects of long term aerobic exercise on the development of neuropathy in Diabetic individualsGeneral vs Vigorous Lifestyle Advice: The effects on the risk of diabetesEffects of exercise and its cessation on insulin resistance syndrome in obese childrenSedentary Behaviour, a metabolic risk?Controlling Type 2 Diabetes with High Intensity Interval TrainingPhysical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Adolescents With Type 1 DiabetesHow can resistance training increase lower limb speed of strength during stair walking for people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy?Finding the balance withinThe implementation of a short term endurance training to improve patient outcomes from major depressionUse it or lose it?Physical activity levels in men and women arthritisDoes resistance training help with rheumatoid arthritis?

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Effects of Exercise Programs on Functional Fitness for Older Adults with ArthritisHow walking, cycling or being driven to school influences physical activity levels in childrenTreadmills and Infants: Do Stepping Machines work for infants with Down syndrome?In the interim students will be drafting these fact sheets.American football players not immune to Metabolic SyndromeDiabetes: Pharmacy vs FitnessOccupation Sedentary Behaviour: Can Increased Standing Time Reduce Sedentary Associated Diabetes and Obesity?Effect of Exercise on Patients Diagnosed with Colorectal CancerConcurrent Cardiovascular and Resistance training for health in Older AdultsStrength training in spastic cerebral palsyThe effects of Physical Activity on Sitting: The Silent Killer of Sedentary AdultsBenefits of Resistance Training for Female Breast Cancer SurvivorsYoga Therapy: A way to Improve Functional Performance in People with Chronic Pulmonary ObstructionCan Resistance Training Improve Skeletal Muscle Health for People Who Suffer From Chronic Heart Failure?How does regular physical activity play a role in the incidence of asthma in adult women?Does physical activity limit the level of fatigue experienced in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy?Pilates and Yoga group exercises to relieve neck painCan physical activity slow the development of sarcopenia as we age?

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Does intense physical exercise improve the seizure threshold in epileptics?Cardiovascular effects of aerobic training strategies for heart failure patientsCan physical activity and fitness levels during adolescence predict the risk of cardiovascular disease during young adulthood?Can gait patterns improve with resistance training in multiple sclerosis patients?Effect on DepressionThe Potential for Dementia Prevention utilising Multimodal Activity Intervention in the Mildly Cognitively ImpairedPositive Emotion Motivated Tai Chi to reduce falls in Older Adults with DementiaIs HIIT and CP a match made in heaven?Physical Activity intervention for early stage Breast Cancer patients improve health or fitness?Exercising with heart failure; does it result in pulmonary hypertension and exercise intolerance?What message do you hope people take away from your Doodle?

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Effect of physical activity on quality of life of inflammatory bowel disease patientsExercise as a treatment for drug addictionCan exercise during pregnancy reduce the risk of a miscarriage?The wikis are created by students, as part of a University assignment, and should not be taken as medical advice.Agenda and list of panelists347.Resistance exercise and controlling glycemic levels in gestational diabetesDoes incorporating more physical activity into everyday lifestyle improve body composition, thyroid function, and structure in obese children?View moreThe mega event acknowledged the achievements of women trailblazers from diverse backgrounds, who were invited to speak about their experiences, accomplishments, and the obstacles that they have faced as women in various career fields in Pakistan.The relationship between exercise frequency and bone mineral density development in exercising postmenopausal osteopenic womenHydrotherapy and juvenile idiopathic arthritisArm Ergometer or ROM?

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There are more and more fields and opportunities for everyone out there; women should feel empowered to pursue what they have a passion for.The effect of implementing a resistance training program to improve strength and mobility in children with Cerebral PalsyImplications of physical activity for women with Ehlers Danlos syndrome hypermobility typeObesity and the rise in the incidence of Rheumatoid ArthritisPhysical training on Rheumatoid ArthritisEffects of physical therapy on the management of pain and symptoms associated with SciaticaAerobic and resistance exercise improves physical fitness in older adults with rheumatoid arthritisEffects of aerobic exercise on rheumatoid arthritisResistance training and how it affects the pain and function among adults with osteoarthritisDoes resistance training impact bone mineral density in postmenopausal women?Positive effects of strength training on people with down syndromeAerobic exercise, a positive influence on young Autistic children before classExercise and the connection between mood regulation and trait emotional intelligenceTreatment of major depression: Can exercise help?Cystic Fibrosis: are they sustainable?Can physical function and mental health of brain cancer survivors be improved by exercise?Maximal strength training used to target strength, balance and walking, in individuals with Multiple SclerosisEndometriosis and Exercise: Could exercise be the key to improving pelvic pain and posture?

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Ensure access to justice for impacted communities.None of the individual contributors, system operators, developers, sponsors of Wikibooks nor anyone else connected to Wikibooks can take any responsibility for the results or consequences of any attempt to use or adopt any of the information presented on this web site.Recognise the devastating impacts of military activities on communities, the environment, and international security.How detrimental can office work be on health and wellbeing?Do focus groups work to improve physical activity engagement in cognitive impairment?DiseaseCan exercise be beneficial to people suffering from multiple sclerosis?Wikibooks, open books for an open worldExercise in disease is a resource where implications for exercise as they relate to different chronic diseases, and their treatments are explored.

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Doodle celebrates the women around the world who overcame the obstacles of their time to create a lasting legacy.Wikibooks is not a doctor.Is it the Holy Grail of treatment options?Effects of exercise on bone mineral densityArthritis Specific Exercise Programs: Do They Work?The overwhelming majority of such books are written, in part or in whole, by nonprofessionals.Does a home based exercise program improve physical activity levels in patients with Peripheral Artery Disease?The effects of resistance training on Older Adults with SarcopeniaThe benefit of hydrotherapy and Tai Chi classes for sedentary osteoarthritis patientsThe effects of Pilates on chronic low back painThe Benefits of Endurance Training in Adult Men with Becker Muscular DystrophyOsteocise: Exercise and its impact on bone mineral density and falls riskDoes Pilates benefit lower back pain in the elderly?

DiseaseMedical DisclaimerWikibooks contains books on many medical topics; however, no warranty whatsoever is made that any of the books are accurate.Tortise vs walking faster have better health outcomes?Physical Activity and the Psychosocial Benefits in Young ChildrenExercise in OCD: a little less obsessed?Exercise improves movement initiation!Doodle will inspire women to pursue what they want in life, keep fighting for their rights, and pass on the message to future generations.Built for bigger waistlines?Did you draw inspiration from anything in particular for this Doodle?

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Wiki pages are due to be completed by September 20.General Antonio Guterres highlighted the need to work together with vision and determination to make equality happen.Does Physical Activity Improve Walking Efficiency For Elderly Dementia Patients?Exercise as a means to reduce hospital admission and respiratory mortality due to COPDThe impacts of TV viewing and physical activity, on metabolic syndrome in Australian AdultsThe impact of exercise and altering dietary intake in health and fitnessEffect of physical activity on Diabetes MellitusReducing obesity in children by adjusting TV viewing habitsSedentary behaviour risks linked to metabolic syndrome in rural AustraliaThe effects of increased screen time on childhood obesityA lifestyle change could prevent type 2 diabetes in high risk individuals!Metabolic Effects of Aerobic Training and Resistance Training in Type 2 diabetesAre Leisure time activities enough to melt away the elderly male beer belly?Land or water exercise for arthritis sufferers?Increasing physical activity in commercial truck driversDo adolescents understand the impact of PA on mental health?

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How exercise can improve the quality of life of those who suffer from cognitive impairmentThe effects of a muscle endurance exercise program in ALS patientsSchool based physical activity to reduce hyperactivity and ADHD symptomsEffects of aerobic and anaerobic training on psychological stressSedentary behaviour and its impact on mental health in school aged childrenThe effectiveness of yoga on the quality of life of multiple sclerosis patientsDoes the intensity of resistance training matter in combating depression?Using Pedometers to Increase Physical Activity Levels in Office WorkersIncreasing physical activity of youth in the modern worldReducing sedentary behavior in aging adults using smartphone technologyCan your smartphone help you become more physically active?Lifestyle or exercise physical activity, which is better for fitness and health?The effect of exercise training on renal function in chronic kidney disease patientsEffects of exercise on three common cancersThe effects of exercise on immune function and mental health in HIV positive patientsThe role of physical activity in the progression and development of MyopiaExercise interventions to improve physical fitness and decrease markers of oxidative stress amongst cancer patientsRecovery from cancer, the effect of physical activity on patients quality of lifePhysical activity amongst spinal cord injured subjectsScreen time vs active play in young childrenEffects of exercise in breast cancer patients2017 Article CritiquesIncreasing physical activity of office workers using treadmill workstationsGetting back your stride: How pedometers can increase physical fitness in COPD patientsSport participation and overall health in childrenVirtual Reality Improves Physical Function in Elderly AdultsExercise and Children: Fat future or fit future?What were your first thoughts when you were approached about the project?Association of the built environment with physical activity and obesity in older adultsCan the protection motivation theory help predict exercise behaviours?Inactive Indigenous Australian MenCan Leisure time physical activity help prevent type 2 diabetes?

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Can high functioning Cerebral Palsy children expect the same results as their peers with circuit training?Even if a statement made about medicine is accurate, it may not apply to you or your symptoms.The relationship between exercise behaviour and mental healthCardiorespiratory fitness and depression among Middle School AdolescentsCan exercise training improve the quality of life for individuals living with schizophrenia?Exercise to Prevent Gestational DiabetesMums and bubs: the benefits of physical activity during pregnancy and the prevalence of gestational diabetesReducing obesity through school based interventionsThe benefits of aerobic exercise as an adjunct therapy for controlling type 2 diabetes mellitusEffects of HIIT on insulin levels of young womenChildhood Obesity: How television is causing a fat epidemic among kidsHow High Intensity Resistance training effects Type 2 DiabetesType 1 Diabetes and Hypoglycemia post exerciseHigh intensity exercise in diabetic populationIs Fasting The Key To Pre Exercise Fat Loss?Mobile applications and the influence of physical activity among young peopleIgnorance or Laziness: Why are girls less physically active than boys?Regular resistance training improves strength in multiple sclerosis patientsReducing the risk of dementia for adults 65 years of age and older through exerciseVirtual reality: rehabilitation for stroke patientsEffect of treadmill rehabilitation on ambulation and CV fitness in chronic stroke patientsPost Traumatic Stress Disorder: Can exercise help?

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Effects Of Swimming Training On Children With AsthmaAquatic exercise interventions for children with cerebral palsyThe effect of resistance training on systemic inflammation in male adults with Down SyndromeDoes physical activity level contribute to asthma?Can we temp you to tango?Cystic Fibrosis: Physical exercise versus chest physiotherapyThe effects of different exercise programs on asthma control in childrenThe effects of outpatient rehabilitation on quality of life and exercise tolerance in COPDPulmonary Function and Response to Exercise in Cystic FibrosisSprinting and Obesity.Disease: does it slow the decline?Urgently regulate corporations to prevent and ensure accountability for harms to the environment and other human rights violations.Neoliberal economic policies drive inequality and destroy the environmentNeoliberal economic policies have one rationale: the crass pursuit of financial gain at whatever cost.

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The Link Between Type 2 Diabetes and Inactivity.Does the prescription of regular exercise decrease the pain and decreased ROM associated with Arthritis?Exercise, an inexpensive way of preventing osteoporosis in later life?Does chronic disease reduce physical activity in older adult?Resistance training in ALS patientsCan training the heart combat the risk of cognitive decline and dementia?

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Aquatic exercise as a therapy in the management in fibromyalgia symptomsChildhood Activity for lifelong mental healthCan lowering inflammation through exercise be used as an effective treatment for depression?Can physical activity reduce anxiety across gender and age?Can exercise reduce coronary heart disease in patients with Schizophrenia?IWD has always been a great moment to reflect on everything women have done in the past, and the influence that is carried on to this day!Survival of Coronary Patients: Surgery versus Exercise InterventionsDoes physical activity help to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease?Which is better for obese young women?

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The effects on coronary collateral circulation in patients with coronary artery diseaseModerate Versus High Intensity Aerobic Training in Coronary Heart Disease PatientsDrowning out the pressure: Can swimming help to reduce the effects of hypertension?Can exercise be an effective method of treatment of Pancreatic cancer as apposed to other types of therapy?Does physical activity reduce the risk?Treating the metabolic syndrome: aerobic interval training vs.How much is enough?The effects of exercise on neuroplasticity for spinal cord injuriesExercise and postnatal depression and fatigue, how affective can it be?Start a WILPF National Section, become a member, or donate to help advance a future of justice and equality for all.

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Resistance exercise improves muscle strength, health status and pain intensity in fibromyalgiaStrategic creatine supplementation around resistance training to reduce the risk of sarcopenia in older adultsEndurance training to alleviate the pain of fibromyalgiaOsteoporosis and resistance training.Can physical activity improve cognitive and motor function in patients with Dementia?Be part of the feminist peace movement by educating, advocating, organising, and acting together with WILPF!Physical activities impact on depressionHow aerobic activity affects anxiety sensitivityResistance training and depression: does intensity matter?Can strength training preserve bone mineral density in postmenopausal women?And we call on individuals to join us.

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Doodle was illustrated by Doodler, Helene Leroux.The crisis has highlighted both the centrality of their contributions and the disproportionate burdens that women carry.Based Health Behaviour Intervention on Obesity Among YouthStrategies to increase physical activities in youth sedentary behaviourUsefulness and effects of a healthy lifestyle program in a remote Aboriginal communityExercise for elderly Women with Osteoporosis; Does it Reduce Falls Risks?Does access to outdoor gyms increase physical activity levels in low socioeconomic areas?Who makes the biggest difference?Just walk it off?

The relationship between occupational choice and obesity in adultsAccelerometer measured movement tracking physical activities improvement for diabetes and metabolic syndrome outcomesCan resistance training have a positive effect on older adults with type 2 diabetes?Can they improve the health of children?

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