Best Women'S Dating Profile Examples

best women's dating profile examples

She worked the strip in 1990 and disappeared when she was 31 years old.Tammie, or that her family was confused on the date of the call.The exact date of her disappearance is unknown.One day in 2000, she was arrested by Seattle police, who called her parents to pick her up.She was not reported missing for several years.Ridgway used this term as did many sex workers.

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Tukwila Jane Doe: In January 1997 contractors in Tukwila, Washington were digging to build a new house when they uncovered human bones.Agisheff was found clothed or partially clothed, and her cause of death was a possible gunshot wound although this could not be conclusively proven.She had been strangled.It is possible some or all of these women are Green River Victims.An area of Pacific Highway South near the airport in extreme south Seattle known for the scene.No one knows if Andria was involved in drugs, prostitution, or running away.That contact stopped in 1988 and she has been missing ever borah Yvonne Wims sister of Cheryl Wims was last seen shopping on the SeaTac strip in 1990.

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In general, she is not considered a Green River victim but the placement of her body is suspicious.She was the young mother of three who worked at a gift shop and was an enrolled student at the University of Washington.Patti ran away from whatever living situation she was put in, but Patti still called her foster mom often.What everyone has wrong about Ridgway part 3, follow up to 2 earlier pieces.If you know her whereabouts, legal name, or associates please contact King county authorities.

best women's dating profile examples

She moved around a lot but tried to keep in contact with her three kids regularly.She had called her parents and said she was headed home, but Pollyanne ran away often and frequented the city of Tacoma.Her body was found dumped the next day.In 2012, King County authorities tried to contact Wylynda who they learned was actually Linda, to testify in a trial.She also had ties to the New York area.Her skull was not recovered so no composite can be made and no race can be determined.Little information is available in her Munyon ran away from home in Mississippi in 1981.

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Her car was found parked on Pacific Highway south but there was no Deborah.She was last seen in an area known for prostitution.They drove to Seattle and retrieved their daughter but when they stopped for gas, Jennifer escaped the car and disappeared into downtown Tacoma.Her body was later found near the Star Lake road Green River dump site.Tia was found dead from an undetermined cause in a car in 1991.Robyn, who worked as a dancer, never made it home.

best women's dating profile examples

Denise Bush and Shirley Sherrill near Portland, Oregon.She was last seen in 1984 at age Nguyen Robbins left her home in the Eastern Washington town of Kennewick to travel to Seattle in Summer 1985 at age 13.Angela was seen later that evening at a party but never surfaced again.Strangely, the Flame Tavern is also the last known sighting of another woman, Brenda Ball, who was killed by Ted Bundy only three years earlier.Rose was known to hitchhike.Friends or family believed that had contact with Tammie in May 1984 when she called and said she was living in Tacoma and was going to get married.Little information is available in her McGuirk was 22 in July 1991.

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Linda was a chronic runaway who was last seen walking down a road in June of 1978.Green River victim, Terry Milligan.Neighborhoods in south Seattle near the strip.Kimberly was a sex worker and was only 19 years old.For example, if he led investigators to a body he was charged with that murder and all the murders of the women he left in the same cluster.

best women's dating profile examples

Her body was found the next day.Those phone calls stopped in August 1983.Linda missing earlier but her status as a chronic runaway made the situation hard.She worked the streets near the airport.After leaving home she may have been seen at a bus depot in downtown Seattle.

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She was in her 20s at the time and was known to hitchhike.King County almost two decades later.She never returned and her abandoned car was found parked on Aurora Avenue north.Tracey had a history of drug use and sex work.The body was found wearing one tube sock and a blue hair barrette.

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He says does not remember killing anyone in the 1970s but admits that it is possible.Darci had links to prostitution.Sexton a Portland native who worked as a sex worker, disappeared in December 1984.At this point, Tammie who was known to work as a sex worker in Seattle was linked to the GRK but her body was not identified until 1998.Earlier she had been heard arranging the date on the phone.Green River Victim, on some lists as a possible victim while she is left off of other lists Girdner went by the name Angie and was a straight A student at a private high school.Little information is available in her nclusionEven though Gary Ridgway was arrested almost 20 years ago, the aftermath of his crimes live on.

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It is unknown if she was sexually assaulted.As a teen she began running away from home and was arrested on a few occasions.Tonya always called, especially on holidays but the phone calls stopped in 1983.For reasons unknown, sources say she is known to be a Green River victim, although she is technically Deanne Hunter died in 1982.That particular dumping spot had been discovered by investigators years earlier, meaning that if Anitra was a victim of Ridgway, he would have dumped her body in place regularly surveilled by law enforcement, something he was not known to do.

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Her case was originally given to the Green River task force who ruled out Ridgway and then returned the file to the Tacoma PD.Her family does not think she disappeared of her own accord.Her body was found 3 days later.Ridgway is a suspect in her Wooten washed up on a beach in Tacoma at age 26 in 1990.Rhonda could be an early Mae Meeker was almost 14 when she disappeared in 1979.As a teen, Angela fell in with the wrong crowd and ran away from home.Her body was later found near SeaTac airport.

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NCMEC called law enforcement.Her remains were found in North Bend, Washington near the remains of Heather Kinchen and Sarah Habakangas.At the time of her disappearance, serial killer Jesse Pratt also lived in her complex.Little information is Marshlene Habakangas disappeared in 1991.Michelle has not been seen in King County since December 1980.She most likely died in the summer of 1983.

She disappeared from downtown Seattle in 1981.Snohomish area north of Seattle.She was good friends with Sarah Habakangas.Those posts can be found ckgroundSerial killer Gary Ridgway confessed to 71 murders, but was only charged with 49.Greenman is also a possible victim of Rodney Alcala.She left her home and was waiting for the bus when she disappeared going to either visit her mother or coming home from visiting with her mother.By that time, she had not been seen by anyone in over three Kay McGinnis had a life one could call peculiar.

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Usually regarded as cheaper places to live.She disappeared July 7th 1982.There is a theory that Tammie and Angela were killed by someone else and the placement of their bodies was a following women are missing or were found dead and may be Green River Victims but are not on the official Louise Burse was 21 years old when she was last seen climbing into her car after her shift ended at the Flame Tavern where she worked as a dancer.She was planning on going to the mall in Tacoma and then going to a birthday party when she vanished.Little information is French aged 19 disappeared in 1992.She was last seen in May 1984, leaving her home in Renton.

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Kristi did not have a history of running away or prostitution but she did frequent areas of Seattle and Tacoma known to be part of the scene.Very little is known about Sheer, and no one has heard from her since 1994.Keli and her parents owned horses, yachts, and nice cars.Ridgeway claims that he started his killing spree in early 1982.He was adamant Keli would never abandon their toddler daughter, who was later adopted out to a family when McGinnis never returned home.

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However, they believe she would have called her family eventually.Washington state to look for her in the local area but she was never officially reported missing.Molly was found murdered a month later in north King County but there was no sign of Diane.She fits the Ridgway profile to a tee, and was found near other dump sites but DNA on her body belongs to an unknown man, not Ridgway.Hilltop area of Tacoma.The pieces fell into place when Cora brought home a new boyfriend who was using hard drugs.Some have speculated that Ridgway offered Amina a ride somewhere and she took it because she knew him, however tangentially.

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She is not Rose Cole, Janel Peterson, Susan Cappel, Lisa Dickinson, Wendy Huggy, Kase Lee, Keli McGinnis, Anna Anderson, Kristi Vorak, Linda Jackson, Andria Bailey, Joan Hall, Patricia LeBlanc, MaryJo Long, Carol Donn, Barbara Cotton, Pollyanne Carter or Kerry Johnson.The last time she was seen, she was walking down the SeaTac rgaret Diaz was 31 when she vanished from Tacoma in 1988.Her body was later found in Enumclaw, near the body of later victim Anna Chebetnoy.She was a white female between the ages of 12 and 19.Because of this misconception many people who may be victims of Ridgway or other predators have never been reported missing.

Her boyfriend called the police to report her missing.Some bones were found in 1984 and some more were found in 1986.She was born to a young mother who worked as a musician and the pair lived in apartments in the Seattle area.Also please remember that mass murders are not known for their honesty and we have to take confessions with a grain of months I have been collecting reports of missing women from Washington and Oregon who could be victims of Ridgway.Virginia left her apartment to visit a coworker who lived in the same complex.New investigators report that while they believe Tucker died at the hands of a separate predator, Ridgway cannot be conclusively ruled Faye Kowalchuk was only 17 when she was last heard from in December 1999.

She was last seen on Pacific Highway south in 1987.Her mother still searches for her daughter nnifer Mae Enyart age 16 had a life similar to Tami Faye.Little information is mberly Ann Reames Larson disappeared from the SeaTac strip in 1983.Her family contacted the Green River Task force years later, both due to her background and because Diana bears a resemblance to one of the Jane Does Ridgway plead guilty to murdering.This was the last time Kowlachuk was ever heard from.

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Little information is available in her case but foul play is suspected.She had three arrests all in 1983 that they had no idea about.Snohomish PD is handling the case and says both cases are considered cold.Some of this information was compiled and posted in my earlier write ups on Ridgway, but my research has slowly been growing.Who are these victims?Her body was found later in South King county.

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She was not reported missing until 2004.Little information is Ellen Walker was 32 years old in 1992.Ridgway continued murdering until at least 1998, but police believe he committed crimes until 2001 when he was arrested.The other 15 or so women are still unknown; their bodies undiscovered.She had a healed injury to the front of the left side of her skull.Jennifer worked the streets of Tacoma in 1988.

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July 1991 in North Bend, Washington.Her family believes she is a victim of Warde was 16 years old in 1990.Ridgway is a suspect in her nnifer Burnetto, 32 had also fallen prey to addiction.Greenman as a possible match for Jane Doe Virginia Wilcox died in late 1981.Those who knew her reported that she would lose contact with loved ones for months to years at a time, so it would not surprise them if she was alive for years after her last known sighting.It is unknown if Cora was using but her aunt thought it was a likely explanation for her behavior.She was found dead from stab wounds in Snohomish county near the body of Robyn Kenworthy.

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Best of 2020 series contest.Patti may have an unspecified medical condition.Some sources say she is a known GRK mberly Delange was last seen at a Puyallup shopping center in 1988.However, TPD have said that Ridgway cannot be ruled out as the killer of the three earliest with loose or former links to the Green River Killer.Kenworthy, 20 called her mom from Aurora Avenue one night and said she was coming home and was going to try to kick heroin for good.Ridgway led investigators to her body.

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Rather than skip these women or pretend these things did not occur I chose to include them in the summaries below.Louise was 35 years old at the time but a hormonal disorder made her look like a teenager still.She was 15 years old.She is only known as Angie, and she was a friend of victim Tammie Lilies.Little information is available in her Karen Sheer age 32, went missing from Auburn, Washington in 1994 near somewhere Ridgway was known to frequent.Her case is being investigated by Seattle authorities.An area of extreme north Seattle along Aurora Avenue North known for the scene.

Due to the placement and location of the body investigators believe Tukwila Jane Doe may be a victim of Ridgway.She was only 16 years old at the time.Heather Marie Kinchen disappeared in 1991.For years, many citizens did not know they could report their loved ones missing if their loved ones left of their own accord and were adults.They also encourage those whose relatives may have gone missing in the 1970s, 80s, 90s to contact them especially if they lived or worked in the area where Ridgway was known to operate.

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Her family last heard from her in May 1982 when she called from Fontana, California.He does not remember killing anyone in the 1970s but admits it is possible.Little information is rginia Rambus was a Seattle woman who went missing at age 19 from south Seattle, Washington in 1985.Little information is available in her case.She was involved in prostitution in downtown Seattle at the time.Are any of the women profiled victims of Gary Ridgway?

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Andria lived with her grandmother in Spanaway, south of Seattle.Who are these people?Cora left her children with her aunt and said she would be gone for a bit.He was 4 when he last saw his Tucker was last seen in Tacoma in 1994 when she went to the police station to report that a John had beat her up.Little information is Vorak left her foster home in Tacoma, Washington in October 1982 age 13.Police do not believe Angela ever travelled to Washington state making Angela the only victim who may have been both abducted and killed outside of the state of Washington.After her disappearance her sister told law enforcement that Pollyanne frequently did sex work in Tacoma, something her parents did not know.

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Her body was found in Oregon.Her family described her as an animal lover and a free spirit.Andria was reported missing in 1989 when her mom called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children saying that Andria had been missing for over 10 years.Tucker was first reported missing in 2000, after family members realized that no one had formally reported her missing.North Bend in an area very close to other victims of Ridgway.Pease, 15 was found dead in the Lakewood area of Tacoma in 1988.

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Ridgway said she died in Spring or Summer 1983.Robyn was found dead from an undetermined cause later in a wooded area of Snohomish county in 1988.Kristi is a transient in the Seattle area or left to start a new life but law enforcement believes she met with foul play and is a possible Green River victim Little information is available in her tricia Ann LeBlanc was 15 when she ran away in 1983.More information can be found here: following women have been linked to Ridgway pretty conclusively and are known to be deceased but he has not been charged with their murders.One source says she has been ruled out as a Ridgway victim but other sources say she cannot be ruled out.

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Her remains were found in July 1991 in North Bend, Washington.They took lavish trips and Keli loved her father, who was actually her step dad.Of those 49, 3 victims are still Jane Does.She immediately ran away again and vanished.She was not known to work anywhere in Oregon and it has been suggested she was killed in King county and transported to Oregon after death.Years later at age 15 Keli fell in love with a boy at school and became pregnant.

Angela ran away from home regularly and often hitchhiked around the Tacoma area.Flame Tavern is located in Burien, Washington near SeaTac airport.Some of these women are mentioned in one book or one source only.Virginia had no links to prostitution or drugs and held down a steady professional job.There is a suspect in her murder, if she was murdered.

Burse has never been seen again.He is the prime suspect in her disappearance.She and her boyfriend traveled all around the country; they were originally from Michigan.Adams is not Jane Doe Sanders was last heard from in February 1981.Ridgway always denies killing Agisheff, but as demonstrated above not all women killed by Ridgeway were part of the scene.Patti had a record for solicitation and in August 1983 was arrested and sent to a youth shelter.Cora asked her aunt to look after her children in case anything bad happened to her, something that worried her aunt.

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Keli usually worked with her best friend, later Green River victim, Pammy Advent.Little information is available.Tammie was removed from the missing persons list only to be reported missing again, this time for good in 1988.She was believed to be living in Seattle but had no permanent address and was transient.Martell Webster, grew up to play professional basketball for the Portland Trailblazers.Her grandmother cannot remember the last time she saw Andria or what she was doing.Helen struggled with addiction and homelessness but she was regularly in contact with her family and her young child who was being raised by a family friend.

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Lee Chebetnoy was last seen at a Puyallup shopping center in 1990, the same one Kim Delange disappeared from.Russia and a working mother of several children.Keli left her home one night in South Seattle to work but never came home.Tonya did not have a record for prostitution but she frequented areas known for sex work such as the SeaTac mberly Yvette Hill of Portland was last seen getting into a hatchback car with Washington license plates.Adams, Misty Copsey, or Deborah nksThe following 3 women have been linked to Ridgway almost conclusively but are technically still missing.It appears that she may have been transient.

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He has also been charged with other cases if there was circumstantial evidence, fiber evidence, paint chip evidence, or DNA.Her body has never been tricia Osborn left her home on Aurora Avenue in extreme north Seattle to meet a date in October 1983.Marie Bronson disappeared November 19, 1982 from Portland, Oregon.Only known as Tukwila Jane Doe, this person was determined to be an adult female of unknown race and age.Ridgway was known to leave bodies in Enumclaw in the past.Lee, was even briefly looked at as the killer due to his background of violence and pimping out women.She was wearing blue jeans when she was last seen.

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Molly and Diane were last seen in Seattle or Bellevue on June 18th.He has not been charged with the murders of women still missing or women whose cases cannot be linked to him in a corroborating way, which is why the confession list is so much longer than the charged list.Ridgway has only been charged with homicides if he both confessed and there was one or more pieces of evidence against him.DNA sample to match potential does.African American boyfriend so the couple moved in together.

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For many of the victims there is very, very little information available.Graham, Washington near Tacoma.Her body has never been found, but Ridgway believes he killed following three women are current or previous Jane Does who were arrested under false names before disappearing in Seattle, and are still not identified today.Keli and her boyfriend traveled the west coast with Keli working the streets.Molly and Diane went to Seattle and Diane was reported as a runaway when she did not return home.She may have been hitchhiking.My research has yielded little information on several of the women Greenman was last known to be alive in September 1976 when she was released from the Douglas County jail in Waterville, Washington at age 20.

Gary Leon Ridgway confessed to 71 murders but was only prosecuted for 49.She lived in Kennewick, Washington before going missing.Tragically, Law Enforcement has been unable to find any friends or family.If you know her whereabouts or associates please contact King county authorities.No photo is available.Her 1984 murder is still unsolved.

She went by the first name Michelle but this may not be her legal name.Kline died in 1982.This was the last time anyone ever saw the 27 year old.She was reported missing in 1982 and died sometime that year or in early 1983.She was working on the Pacific Highway south when she was last seen at age 17.Capitol Hill neighborhood when she disappeared at age 14.

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Kay King disappeared from Tacoma in July 1982 when she was only 24.Adams was only 15 years old when she was last seen in Yakima, Washington in 1978.Her case is included in this piece only because of where she lived and the time period she Mulhern went missing from the SeaTac strip in 1987 when she was 21 years old.Like Hunter, Kowalchuk was from Tacoma and struggled with addiction to methamphetamine and often turned to sex work in order to make money.Little information is available in the Bailey was 15 or 16 when she went missing sometime in 1978 or 1979.This may be why Ridgway denies involvement as his plea deal states he is eligible for death penalty if he committed crimes outside of King County.Sheer has a long history of dropping out of sight for extensive periods of time.

Lee Clemmons disappeared from the SeaTac area in 1983 but was not reported missing for a year.Her death is still a mystery.She most likely died in 1983.She was originally from Spokane and worked a few hours weekly at a 1 hour photo shop.Anitra did have ties to the scene as she had several drug and alcohol related offenses in her background.

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Little information is available in her Anne Walker of Renton, disappeared in 1988 after walking away from her home on Rainier avenue.Linda was not reported missing until 2004 and it was actually the Green River task force who filed her report.

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